• Studies of environmental impact


The Evaluation of Environmental Impact allows identifying the different alterations that a project can cause on the territory and adopt the protective and corrective measurements necessary to avoid, minimize or correct the impacts that the accomplishment and starting of the project would generate.

The group nohl-arq has collaborated in the draft of the Studies of Environmental Impact for Loro Park, Park Bionatura de Lanjarón, Bioressic Park of Murcia and Biological Park of Madrid/FAUNIA, all of them dealed and approved by the different Autonomous Communities, as well as also of the Study of Update of Impact of the new facilities of Loro Park and of the Foundation of the same name.

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  • Environmental evaluation


In the evaluation of the viability of a performance, besides the technical, economic and social criteria, it is necessary to include the environmental criteria or Environmental Inventory.

Promoting and defending the conservation of the nature, we have worked at different projects on leisure Parks for different countries, advising Companies, Governments and Public Organisms on topics of Leisure and their relation with the Environment, as well as on their possible environmental viability.

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  • Zoological nucleus/core


For the development of their aims, leisure parks with fauna, do need a Zoological Nucleus that should allow them: To develop programs of upbringing at a national and international level (to create a genetic bank of lines of blood for the change of protected species), To favor investigation, breeding, conservation, protection and amplification of the collection to re-introduce in the nature those species whose adjustment allows it and, To obtain the draft and diffusion of studies for knowledge (populations, behavior and reproduction of species), promotion, defense and conservation of the nature.

The group nohl-arq has elaborated, being approved by the competent authorities, the formless technician-zoosanitary for the authorization and record of the Zoological Nucleus of FAUNIA, known as Parque Biológico de Madrid, for more than 1.500 different species of mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles, amphibians and insects in a unique collection of more than 4.500 specimens, in the stric
fulfillment of the zoosanitary regulation in force and under the parameters contemplated in the Protection law for the Animals.

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  • Integration with the environment


Attending to the morphology of the area, adjacent constructions, architectural traditional styles of the zone, own local vegetation and harmony of constructive forms, we select the location adapted for the projects, bringing up a personalized design according to the needs of the user, with a suitable distribution of spaces, using healthy materials and biocompatibles in a tireless search of optimizing the natural resources, implanting systems for the energetic saving, equipments of furniture of low impact and programs of treatment of the residual elements.

We develop studies on Integration of the Nature and its environment in the urban way, elaborating also projects of tourist use, as the project done for the North mountain range of Madrid (Diagnosis, viability, design and development), promoting the resuscitation and protection of depressed zones, promoting projects of rural tourism and of stimulation of the alternative / ecological tourism (conservation and development).

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  • Management on bioclimatic resources


Bioconstrucción chases to minimize the impact of the constructions, helping to create a sustainable development that does not exhaust the planet but generates and regulates the resources used in obtaining a wealthy, healthy habitat and in harmony with the surroundings.

In the environmental protection it is fundamental a system constructed of integrated management that defines and includes all the aspects that reverberate in the project as well as its environmental consequences and, that allows also the normalization of products, equipments and materials that credits its quality, assuring their reliability (worldwide with the Committees ISO, at the Community level with the CEN and, to National level with AENOR's certifications).

The group nohl-arq in its projects, analyzes the diverse environmental impacts that these can imply on the Environment from a protection perspective of the natural resources of the area of influence, under the premise of which a few good practices in the draft and processing of the instruments of urban development planning can introduce important advances in key of sustainability (balance in the movements of lands, utilization of natural systems of water purification, reutilization of materials, reduction of the urban warming, suitable paving treatment, vegetation use, bioclimatic adequacy, etc.).

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