Attractions Parks
The first two and greater colossus called "Tivoli" in Copenhague (Denmark) and "Coney Island" near New York (U.S.A.), arose as an answer to the temporary leisure needs that the stallholders started at the middle age (for short carnivals).


Theme Parks
On the early 70's, another landmark revolts the offer with the Theme Parks, DisneyWorld and SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, proposed a main theme and various shows initially guided to children. The Disney group scenes its characters and its creator ideas through dolls and charming castles. The Busch group, its competence, started up from animals and nature, using both the shows, as their main incentive.


Parks of the future
In the 90's a new formula turns out, the park of the future, with it's base on the newest technology; In Poitiers, France, "Futuroscope" shows almost everything on image, with the latest projection techniques and new generation attractions.

There are evidently, a great number of possibilities and achievements that can in greater terms be included in one of the three mentioned groups.

    Faunia Biological Parks
The biological park is a botanical garden where the animals live and in which you can learn as in a science museum.
It is educative because it explains how the nature works, showing the various unknown aspects of the fauna and flora.
It opens a new horizon to the public (a park for all ages), thought for enjoyment with five senses.
It is fun as it becomes a theater of the nature where the visitors become actors/actress participating in an outstanding adventure.